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In the far south of Italy, this region also known as "Le Puglie" in the plural is indeed a land, a place that conceals different souls, suspended between nature, history, tradition, taste and spirituality, to visit the twelve months' year.


Apulia, the heel of the boot, is a charming region, a strip of land that stretches into the sea with wonderful beaches and for all tastes.

For those who want to take a trip into history, Apulia offers a wide range of places that tell the ancient origins of this land:

from prehistory to Ancient Greece, from the imperial age to the Renaissance, the baroque splendor of Lecce and Salento.


Always as "poor" for the simplicity of its ingredients, the cuisine of Puglia is able to satisfy every palate. Three are the strengths of the kitchen:

durum wheat, vegetables and oil, combined with meat and fish, always give rise to original dishes able to maintain genuine and unmistakable flavors.


Cornerstone of the regional board is the homemade pasta with wheat flour or a mixture of hard and soft grains.

Apulia is like a big scented vegetable garden, where vegetables have unparalleled colors and flavors and where olive oil is used wisely in every dish.

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