A dip in my life...

In Fasano in the heart of Valle d'Itria Girolamo Angelini spends most of his youth behind a ball, in your pocket with the dream of becoming a football player, but the determination and resourcefulness of this young man's south emerge immediately.


At 12 years old on the advice of his father Giuseppe decide to working in a local food company. The traditions tastes market flavors of a land of gold, will be ideal ingredients to increase in him a love for this sector. At the end of his studies decide to devote himself full time at his new work.


Over the years, he will specialize in processes of preservation and processing of meats and cheeses besides dealing personally with delivery.


It was founded in Girolamo the need to discover different cultures and lifestyles: London. After years of commitment and sacrifices decide to found

LA CANTINA SOCIALE  LTD, own come the old cellar of Puglia's grandfather.